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1. Valuation

Our valuation services include

  • Share valuation.  We assist the buyer as well as the seller in the M&A transaction to advise on the fair value of the share equity for their respective interest.

  • Business valuation.  We assist the client to determine the fair value of the business to be transferred as part of the entire or partial business transfer for tax purpose.

  • Purchase Price Allocation (PPA).  In relation to the business combination, we assess the fair value of the material intangible asset for financial reporting purposes in compliance with relevant financial reporting standards (e.g. TFRS, IFRS, etc.).

  • Impairment review. We assist the client with a fair value assessment for the purpose of impairment test of both tangible and intangible assets for financial reporting purposes (e.g. investments in associates, property, plant and equipment, and identifiable intangible assets).

  • Share-based payment. We assist the client to reflect in its reported profit or loss and financial position the effects of share-based payment transactions, including expenses associated with transactions in which equity-related instruments are granted to employees or directors in relation to IFRS 2 or TFRS 2.

2. Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

We provide financial advisory services on the M&A process and assist the client to manage the entire M&A process and to coordinate with relevant parties involved in the transaction in order to lessen the interruption of the day-to-day operations of the client's business:

  • Buy side. Our services include target identification, target profile, initial target contact, pricing analysis, initial offer preparation, due diligence coordination, final offer preparation, coordinating with lawyer and relevant parties until the closing of the transaction; and

  • Sell side. Our services include pricing analysis, divestment strategy, preparation of the teaser and information memorandum, initial list of buyers, initial contact of selected buyers, initial offer, data room preparation, final offer, negotiation and coordination with lawyers, accountants and other relevant parties until closing of the transaction.

We also can assist the client during a particular process of the M&A transaction as the client may require as well.

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